Beautiful Glendalough

Video Production

I love a good story!!

This is why I am interested in short films. I have an interest in the full production pipeline from concept generation to the final short movie/commercial.

It all starts with an idea but the big question is how to convert that idea into reality i.e. a short movie??

Below are the basic steps involved in the pipeline:


  1. Idea
  2. Script
  3. Storyboard
  4. Filming
  5. Editing

This can be further broken down into three categories i.e.

  1. Preproduction, (Idea, script, storyboard)
  2. Production (Gathering footage)
  3. Post Production (Editing and effects)

There are lots of software packages out there now to help with the creative process i.e. Adobe Story for scripting, StoryBoard Pro for storyboarding and Adobe Premier Pro for editing and Adobe After Effects for enhancing the final product.


The small independant companies (indies) are using the Adobe Suite and it works just fine for them.  The larger companies like R.T.E. have moved to NUKE as a compositing software.

It is all very well talking about the theory of how things are done quite another to actually do it!!

One guy who has achieved great success in the short film arena is Tom Fitzpatrick from Co. Waterford.  He was co-producer on a short film called “Small Change’.  It won an Irish Film and Television Award (IFTA) in 2011 and later went on to be screened at the acclaimed Sundance Film Festival. I had the great but brief privilege of chatting with Tom recently about his accomplishments.  Well done Tom!!

See video “Small Change” below:

This is something I never thought I’d say in Ireland but I’m sitting out the back and will have to go in as I am getting sunburned 🙂  Long may it last!!  🙂

Let me know what you think of the short film.

Talk anon.