Script and storyboard for 30 second short "The Meeting" by Brenda

Script and storyboard for 30 second short “The Meeting” by Brenda

Hi folks, – I’ve written the script and done the storyboard for a 30 second short. I realise that the actual finished item and what’s on paper may end up different as it evolves but here it goes.

Two characters: Gerty and Percy
Gerty: middle aged woman, experienced, likes the finer things in life.
Percy: middle aged man, authoritative,self assured, highly intelligent.
Theme: trust.
Script for “The Meeting…” By Brenda

Percy: Summer has come now the swallows are here.

Gerty: The bees are busy and the starlings are swarming.

Strange/funny handshake:
Gerty: Good to meet you at last my friend.

Here is the address you require and most importantly the key. (Gerty hands over objects)

Percy: Is it quiet there?

Gerty: Oh yessss. I guarantee no one will disturb you there.

Thank you for this. (Shakes hands)

Gerty: You are most welcome.


The storyboard is as follows: