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Storyboards to animatics

Hi folks,


I’m working on storyboards again.  Another way of doing them is to create an animatic from the storyboard.  An animatic shows the timing of the piece and is an excellent means of seeing if it works before going into production.  It can save on expense.  I’m going to attempt to create a storyboard followed by an animatic of a script.  I  will show you the fruits of my work when I get it done 🙂


I’m really enjoying working on this material and the more I do the more it is brought home to me how a good story is the key.  Being able to interpret the script and bring it to visual life is extremely important also.


Here is my initial storyboard done in thumbnails first to get the flow of the story:

Pre storyboard thumbnails

Pre storyboard thumbnails




Storyboard 01

A sleepy, quiet suburban neighbourhood. A CAR waits outside a BUNGALOW.

Wide establishing shot of scene. Camera should begin to zoom in on driver.

Storyboard 02


Wide establishing shot of scene – showing elderly man digging and girls playing swingball.

Storyboard 03

Ed pops a Polo into his mouth.










(Assuming right hand drive vehicles.)Medium shot.  Camera positioned on passengers side.  Focused on man in car and hands.

Storyboard 04

He adjusts his hands on the wheel.









Medium shot.  Camera positioned on passengers side.  Focus on man in car and hands.

Storyboard 05

On the seat next to him is a SKULL MASK painted with a hideous grimacing smile: THE JOKER.










Medium shot. Camera positioned on passengers side but getting the interior of the car to show mask. Zooming in on mask.

Storyboard 06

ED glances to a nearby BUNGALOW – the curtains are all drawn closed.

Medium close up of man from passenger side window with bungalow in frame to show him looking at house. Camera moves to medium close up.

Storyboard 07











Wide shot of interior of garage and Devling.  Camera in front of garage door – to show Devlin searching.

Storyboard 08

He reaches deep underneath…










Wide shot to show Devlin reaching down to the box.  Could zoom in to show Devlin and the box only.

Storyboard 09

He double checks the contents…









Wide shot of Devlin opening box and examining contents.  Camera could zoom in on contents.

Storyboard 10

Places a passport on his bag- he’s being watched:










Wide shot of Devlin putting passport on sports bag. Sees his sister.

Storyboard 11

Devlin turns, closing the box and approaching her with a smile.










Wide shot of Devlin and sister.  He closes box and goes over to her smiling.

Storyboard 12

INT: BUNGALOW – CORRIDOR. Devlin carries SISSY piggy-back style through the bungalow. Tin box under his arm. Enters lounge.











Pan shot of Devlin piggybacking his sister through the hallway. Pan to show movement.

Storyboard 13

He enters the lounge to find his brother LAS drinking a can of beer and watching TV sport.










Wide shot to get Devlin in door and brother on couch.

Storyboard 14

He beckons him over. SISSY hops off.










Sissy hops down onto the floor.  Wide shot to capture this.

Storyboard 15

LAS: Got you a beer bruv, come on. Devlin looks at him – feels sorry for him.








Close up of Devlins face to show emotion.

Storyboard 16

LAS opens him a can.










Mid shot of LAS opening can – to show opening and most importantly sound.

Storyboard 17

LAS hands can to Devlin.










Close up  of can being handed over to Devlin.

Storyboard 18

LAS takes Devlin by the neck and presses their foreheads together…in his eyes a mixture of anger and regret










Zoom in on LAS pulling Devlin close to show emotion.

Storyboard 19

They stare at each other. (Dialog)









Close up of the two brothers heads showing the high emotional moment between the two.

Storyboard 20

LAS looks back at him understanding, emotional, wasted. He releases his grip and nods.










Close up of LAS nodding – showing his acceptance.

Storyboard 21

Devlin tentatively raises his can and they drink.










Mid shot of the two boys drinking – to show brotherliness. Camera zooms out.

Storyboard 22

Devlins mother (50’s) watches her sons.









Mid shot of mother in doorway – showing tears/emotion.

Storyboard 23

Devlin goes to her. He doesn’t have much time…










Wide shot of Devlin and mother hugging – showing emotion.

Storyboard 24

INT. DETECTIVES CAR. A detective is parked in a layby. He looks in the mirror. There is a girl in the car. (Dialog)











Mid shot from back boot of car interior.  Zoom in on mirror.  Important to see reactions on face of girl in the rearview mirror.

...turning to face the girl he holds up a SECURITY PRINTOUT.  A low res picture of a bank heist. The JOKE SKULL MAST.

…turning to face the girl he holds up a SECURITY PRINTOUT. A low res picture of a bank heist. The JOKE SKULL MAST.










Mid shot of interior of car from boot.  Zoom in on mirror and girls reaction – to see how it changes to recognition.

And finally, the animatic 🙂

(I’ve tried to time it according to the timing given in the script.  I loaded the images into Adobe Premier Pro and created it there.)