Sound edit "The Hill Farm"

Sound effects creation and editing exercise

I’ve been working on creating the sound effects for an extract of footage from “The Hill Farm” by Mark Baker.

It has been very enjoyable!!

All the sound effects are created by myself.  I found the beautiful music on line and have credited it accordingly at the end of the extract.

Sound effects created:

1: yawn – record of Brenda yawning.

2: snore – record of Brenda snoring

3: walking on gravel: the sound of crinkling baking paper.

4: roar: record of Brenda roaring

5: character collapses in fright: record of Brenda’s voice and thud is hammer on book cover.

6: camera click: sound of stapler (twice)

7: people running from cave: 3 audio tracts recorded by Brenda and layered to give the effect of different people.

8: sound of beast walking: recording of banging on empty plastic coal bunker – mike in coalbunker.

9: sound of thunder: sheet of metal hitting off empty plastic coal bunker

10: chuckle of beast: record of Brenda chuckling.

All the recording was done using the Audio facility in Adobe Premier Pro.

You can see the end product below: