Deer, September, Glendalough

Glendalough September, 2015

Everytime I go to Glendalough I see something new. The seasons change and the foliage changes and in fact the whole colour of the mountains change. It is a feast for, not only the eyes, but the senses.

It is all a purply colour now because of the heather in bloom. It is September, so it is the “rutting” season for the deer. They can be found down low on the mountain across from the Miner’s Village.

I was delighted the other day to see them. I even managed to get up fairly close to them to take some footage. Stealth personified!! 🙂

The day was lovely. Nice and cool – perfect for walking. Lots of tourists on the walk also. The bugs were very active.

Whilst navigating through the valley I noticed a number of people sitting on the big boulders that you see there. They were meditating. It is the first time that I have seen that.

I then saw a group of people gathered looking, as I thought, skyward but they were in fact looking at a comrade who was scaling one of the major cliff faces in the valley.  I looked in the direction they were looking but could only see a tiny spec of red moving slowly against the backdrop of the dark grey cliffs.

Later I passed a man who commented on the fantastic light. He mentioned that his battery ran out and that he had over a kilos worth of camera equipment in his haversack…

As we came back along the Miners Road we dipped into the forest to walk at the lakeside. It was that magical time of the evening when the light is perfect. I managed to get some nice footage of the almost mirror like reflections on the lake.

At the cabin in the carpark there were a lot of wasps flying around the tables. One could get quiet a nasty sting from them but worth the minor risk for the nice coffee 🙂

Definately, a day to remember 🙂