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Dr. Jason Jerald – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Dr. Jason Jerald, a visiting/adjunct Professor to Waterford Institute of Technology gave a talk today (4th November, 2015) on the topic of Virtual Reality(VR) and Augmented Reality(AR). The venue was the ArcLabs building which is located behind Waterford Institute of Technology’s sports campus.

Dr. Jason Jerald

Dr. Jason Jerald, Chapel Hill, UNC

Dr. Jerald has been working in the VR and AR area now for the past fifteen years. The focus of his PHD is on perception of motion and latency in VR.

He says that “Head mounted displays are very popular now but not the only means of seeing VR.” He passed around the latest Oculus Rift (HMD) which uses a Galaxy Note 4 cell phone as the screen. Oculus Rift now has touch controllers.

An important matter in the development of VR are the Adverse Health Effects i.e motion sickness and the causes thereof. Developers start to become immune to these adverse health effects over time as they begin to adapt. He says “VR is something that you have to experience to understand”.

VR lowers the entry to technology.  He gave the example of the 90 year old grandmother trying out the Oculus Rift.

Iterative design is the methodology used for VR development. Dr. Jerald has  just written a book on VR development: The VR Book, Human Centered Design for the entire team.

Currently he is working on a glove as another modality for interaction with VR.

He mentioned Randy Pauch – the imagineer who was involved in VR development. He worked in Carnegie Mellon University and wrote “The Last Lecture“.

Dr. Jerald gave a truly a fascinating lecture and provided plenty of food for thought.

Talk again anon.