"Loving Vincent" director Dorota Kobiela and "Breakthru films" and "trademark films"

“Loving Vincent” director Dorota Kobiela and “Breakthru films” and “trademark films”

Hi folks,

 I’m very excited about this new genre of film ( a painting animation film) called “Loving Vincent” about Vincent Van Goghs’ life.  It brings the  worlds of painting, animation and video together all in one  very exciting synergy.

It emerged from one artists idea. Her name is Dorota Kobiela. She initially created a short film using this technique and then decided to use the same method to tell the story of one of the world’s most famous artists.



What a work of love!!  I admire the way all the various mediums have been integrated to produce what looks like being a most stunning film.  Can’t wait to see this!! It is a very fitting tribute to Vincent Van Gogh. Amazing. Wow, Wow, Wow  I’m speechless…..