Shotgun Project Management Software (A trial) December, 2016

I’m starting to use the  “shotgun” project management software for video production. It  will take time to become proficient in the use of this but it is of huge importance and benefit  particularly in the  management of the video and film production pipeline.

Step 1: Set up a Project:

So far I’ve set up a project with a predefined template for film. I’ve also “beautified” the project page itself by:

a) uploading a billboard image

b) uploading a thumbnail image

c) uploading my own photo to my account to identify myself.

Step 2: Assign people to the project:

The next thing to do is to assign people to the project. (I now have  Administrator access so I can add specific people to the project and the system sends on the invitation email with details on  how to login. This invitation will time out after a certain period for security reasons. Once the invited user accepts they will be on the system.) You can use the “Add People” icon or the “+” or the dropdown list from the “people” button on the menu. Once people are added to the system you can then  add them to the project(s) or alternatively you can create a project and then add people.  The order doesn’t matter.

Step 3: Set up the schedule:

I would like then to set up the “schedule” and assign “tasks” to it. It is very helpful visually the way the shotgun system creates a Gantt chart from the tasks assigned.

Step 4: Interactivity and review of assets:

As “Administrator” I’ve been able to add files to a project.  I simply selected “files” from the dropdown menu and browsed to where they were on my computer and uploaded them.

The next step I envisage is to study the interactive aspect of the system i.e.

a) how does the developer(student) upload assets to the system?

b) how does the supervisor view them? (Through a facility called ScreeningRoom which allows the supervisor to add notes also.)

c) how does the supervisor send feedback on the asset(s) uploaded. (as above)

I will need the co-operation of the developer(student) in this regard and will keep you posted on any “discoveries” made along the way.

Take care now.

Kind regards,