"The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea" by Patrick Brendan O'Neill

“The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea” by Patrick Brendan O’Neill

Link to: The Uncountable Laughter of the Sea

This film was screened on  TG4 tonight (Christmas Eve 2016) and is a breath of fresh air.

This is a film by Patrick Brendan O’Neill a county Kerry filmmaker which is unique and very moving on many levels.  It is filmed in Kerry and the cinematography is simple yet sublime.

There is something very soulful about it and it brings in the knowledge and wisdom of the ancients.  It is beautifully put together, the scenery, the spirituality, the voice overs, the sound track, all wonderful in their own right but when woven together, as they are in this film, present a  truly wonderful work of art.

This film will resonate for many years to come and touches a very deep place in the soul.

Love it!!