Intuos Art Tablet "My first attempt" Jan,2017

Intuos Art Tablet “My first attempt” Jan,2017

Hi there,

I’ve just been getting used to drawing with the Intuos Art tablet.  It plugs into the USB port on your computer.  I’m not interested in using it with the free trial software supplied with it.  I intend to use it with Adobe Photoshop and in particular for the drawing of storyboards for video production.

I’ve found that once you have it set up it isn’t that difficult to use at all.  You can set it up to suit yourself. You need to program the buttons on the pen (two buttons). I programmed one to “click” and the other to “undo”.  You can then map the size of the area on the tablet that you want to use.  This means that you can choose to use only a small area of the tablet if you don’t want to move your hand across the screen that much when drawing.

You can also program the buttons that are on the top of the tablet.  I haven’t done that yet though.

I’ve created an image of “The Woods” using many layers in Photoshop to build it up.  This was a test image to get used to the Intuos Art and the pen. (See above)

I found some good youtube videos that were a great aid to getting started with Intuos Art. (See links below)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Good for showing how to change brush width and hardness

Storyboarding and LayerComps

I’ll update as I learn more.

Take care.